Opening of Rugerero Health Center Increases Access Where it's Needed Most

The opening the Rugerero Health Center three months ago has been a welcome addition to this rural community. Assistant Health Center Leader Joachim Nkinamubanzi Murego says the center has received an average of 70 clients per day. Local mothers and children have especially benefited since the center has reduced the distance they have to travel to seek health services. One of those mothers, Vestine Mukamana, had to previously navigate dangerous roads or pay for a vehicle to access antenatal care and delivery.

But with the Rugerero Health Center now within a 10-minute walk, Vestine was able to receive immediate care when she felt contractions one evening when she was home alone and had no means of transportation. She welcomed the newest member of her family under the close supervision of a trained nurse.

"I am thankful to the Government of Rwanda and donors who have constructed the Rugerero Health Center."