Join the Kubaho Circle

Give Monthly for Long-Term Impact

Kubaho means “to live” or “long life” in Kinyarwanda, the national language of Rwanda. By joining the Kubaho Circle, you connect to a vital and active community of advocates and history-makers committed to bright, healthy futures for Rwandan families. We invite you to help us dream big and join the Kubaho Circle today.

Why Give Monthly?

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Deliver long-term solutions

Your monthly donation helps us plan ahead to create lasting, high impact solutions. Knowing we can count on your recurring gift enables us to pivot quickly as our team comes across unexpected needs in the field.

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Be a part of a vibrant community

The Circle is a passionate, united group of advocates and a dedicated part of the Health Builders family. As a member, you’ll receive special access to virtual insider sessions with team members working in the field and an opportunity to connect with like-minded supporters from around the world. 

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Ensure cost-effectiveness

We won’t spend money on unnecessary t-shirts or coffee mugs, but we will put your gift to use where you intend it: directly impacting health care in Rwanda. Monthly giving means our staff spends less time on fundraising and administration and more on mitigating disease and improving access to care.

Your Impact

The impact of your monthly gift

100 children under 5
will receive direct and comprehensive healthcare services
20 community healthcare workers
will be trained on childhood illnesses impacting 1,400 people
2,000 mothers
will be taught how to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their children
5,000 adolescents & young adults
will receive counseling in sexual reproductive health
Kubaho Circle FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay up-to-date on the impact my gift is having?

As a Kubaho Circle partner, we know that you have a strong vision and commitment to the work we do in Rwanda so we offer a variety of ways to stay connected. 

  • Visit our website to receive regularly updated information about our work.
  • Read our monthly newsletter to update you on current projects, programs, and events.
  • Follow us, and share our posts with your network, on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What does my membership in the Kubaho Circle bring?

We know that our members want their donations to go directly towards the mission of the organization and helping to improve health care for Rwandans so we won’t be sending you t-shirts or mugs with our logo.  We will, however, invite you to join us twice a year for an update session and interactive Q&A with staff.  We hope to provide some true “behind the scenes” info and stories to bring to life the impact your gift is having and to share the challenges we are working through at the time. 

What are my payment options?

You are welcome to choose whatever option works best for you.  Most people will choose to set up pre-authorized payments from their checking account or credit card through our secure third-party payment site.  And while monthly payments may be the most common choice to smooth out donations, you can also choose an annual commitment if that’s your preference.

What if I want to donate from a Donor Advised Fund and not via credit card or bank transfer?

We would be very happy to work with you to figure out the most convenient way to do this.  If you’d like to share a “pledge” for a regular annual commitment, we can email you a reminder each year and can easily supply you with the info you need to initiate a donation from your Donor Advised Fund.  Just contact us and we will follow up to work through the details.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

Health Builders is a 501C3 registered charitable organization in the U.S. and will supply a receipt that can be used as you prepare your U.S. income taxes.  Monthly donors receive one official tax receipt in February for the total amount of your donations for the previous year.  If you have misplaced your tax receipt or have any inquiries about this, please contact us.

Do you issue financial statements?

Yes.  We prepare an annual report and post it on our website each year.  We also post a copy of our most recent audited financial statements here.

What if I change my mind about my recurring donation?

We understand that priorities and financial means might change over time. You can change the amount or cancel your recurring donation at any point you’d like by contacting us.

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