Two Maternity Wards Built in Rural Communities in Rwanda

In Bigogwe and Busengo two maternity wards have been launched

Bigogwe maternity ward

Bigogwe maternity ward was launched in August 2013 and now delivers an average of 220 babies per month. The ward is part of a health center serving a population of 17,493 and per day, and they receive 70 patients for other health services. The centers is unique in that two doctors offer services of dentistry and C-Sections, which are not in the standard package of primary health facilities. Moreover, they provide ultrasound for antenatal care services to 160 pregnant women per month. As of April 2020, the health center has made 175,865 consultations, 14,502 new deliveries and 6,135 new registrations for antenatal care.

Busengo maternity ward

Busengo maternity ward was launched in September 2014, and as of April 2020 they delivered 2,203 babies and 3,539 new registrations for antenatal care. The health center serves 22,956 people in Gakenke District in the Northern Province of Rwanda.