Mitigating Disease

Patients suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) who are visiting health centers should expect quality, evidence-based care to treat illness.
of the global disease burden is attributed to NCDs
of worldwide deaths are caused by NCDs
of deaths in Rwanda are caused by NCDs

However, nurses lack experience, basic skills and fundamental knowledge in providing treatment and follow-up care for these patients since in the past these illnesses were not treated at the health center level, but at district hospitals. This can result in inadequate or incorrect diagnosis or treatments, as well as lack of education for the patients on NCD prevention and management. In addition, there is a great need to raise awareness and screen for NCDs in the community so damaging diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can be detected at an early stage to prevent premature death due to these conditions.

With the goal of mitigating the devastating impact of NCDs such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma in Rwanda, Health Builders ensures that health care providers have the knowledge, skills and resources needed to give patients a high-quality standard of care. With strong partnerships with the Ministry of Health and local governments, Health Builders strengthens existing health care systems through training and mentorships of local health care providers.

In addition, Health Builders staff works alongside healthcare providers to evaluate clinical capabilities and management systems, laboratory technology and pharmaceutical management, helping to identify gaps and implement changes to ensure sustainable and efficient health care centers. These systematic changes not only strengthen the health care systems in communities that are home to some of the poorest people in the country, but also builds trust and empowerment in the local citizens and government to continue working towards equitable access to appropriate and adequate diagnosis and treatment of NCDs, ultimately saving lives.

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