Maternal and Child Health

Our efforts to improve healthcare outcomes for mothers and children includes maternity care, family planning, nutrition, immunizations as well as the prevention, detection, and treatment of the most common infectious diseases.
children suffer a high rate of stunting (low height and low weight)
of child deaths occurred within 48 hours of admission
vaccines provided to children annually
By strengthening health systems including pharmacy and laboratory and ensuring that the healthcare providers in rural centers have the knowledge, skills and resources that are critical to the provision of safe care, we can increase positive outcomes. Aligned with the Rwandan MOH’s goals to reduce childhood mortality, we have seen achievements in child survival. But there is still the need for improvement.
According to a neonatal and child health audit conducted in 2015, 58% of under-five child deaths in health facilities occurred within 48 hours of admission, indicating that there are inappropriate systems of triage, assessment, and treatment. In addition, the main causes of death were treatable conditions, such as respiratory tract infections and dehydration from diarrhea. Other illnesses could have been managed by proper immunization coverage.

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