Training in Kajevuba

Providing health services to a remote village

Kajevuba is a village in the Rulindo district in the northern part of Rwanda that is home to some 11,078 people. Community health workers help provide services to villagers who aren’t able to reach the health center. We have been training 16 community health workers on the treatment of childhood diseases, which result in preventable deaths.

Monica Mukabagire was one of the 16 community health workers in Kajevuba who received training from us. Prior to the training, she and others weren’t able to accurately diagnose and report deadly diseases like malaria and pneumonia.

“It is very evident that we gained a lot from the training and there was a lot of progress,” she said. “We had a big problem in reporting because we didn’t have some tools such as timers and reporting books, so we used the usual papers to report our diagnosis but with the intervention we received those tools. We thank Health Builders so much for the needed training.”