COVID-19 Update From Rwanda

During a difficult time, our resilient community banded together. We're proud to share some good news thanks to the incredible efforts of our supporters.

Health Builders continues to support and protect Rwanda's rural communities as the COVID-19 Delta variant takes hold around the world. In July, infection rates and deaths in Rwanda spiked, creating a strain on the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and oxygen therapy.

During July's shutdown in Rwanda, three incredibly generous partners stepped up and shipped lifesaving equipment. The Gould Family Foundation, in partnership with the DAK Foundation and the Segal Family Foundation, donated personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies, oxygen cylinders with regulators, and oxygen concentrators to distribute immediately to four hospitals in the three districts we support.

With hospitals on the front line treating the most severe cases, response teams were able to establish more treatment units to manage COVID-19 cases referred from the surrounding health centers. Donated equipment from our partners can stabilize the patients on oxygen and manage the symptoms of the disease.

And more good news:

  • All frontline community health care providers, including community health workers, have been vaccinated.
  • The Rwanda vaccination campaign is being extended across the country and focuses on vulnerable populations and those with high-exposure jobs.
  • As of August 24, 2021, over one million Rwandans -- about 9% of the population -- has received at least one dose, bringing hope to many after 18 months of uncertainty and fear.

To our Health Builders' community: thank you for responding to our appeal in a time of great need. You helped us play a pivotal role in fighting and preventing COVID-19 in Rwanda. Not only are national hospitals grateful for the supplies, but our Health Management Advisors are serving on the COVID-19 task force, providing mentorship and support to ensure that hygiene and sterilization protocols are understood and followed.

As Rwandans providing care to our local communities, we remain humbled to contribute to the health and safety of our nation. We are incredibly grateful to have you by our side as we work to ensure that all people in Rwanda are not only safe and well-cared for during this current crisis but have a strong foundation of healthcare throughout their lives.