Improving Maternal and Child Health Lies at the Community Primary Health Care Level

Maternal and child health remains a priority for the Rwandan government and lies at the community, primary health care level

Maternal and child health (MCH) is a broad term and refers to the services necessary to: 

  • maintain health in women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period
  • promote and maintain health of newborns and children
  • increase vaccination rates and reduce malnutrition
  • provide information and access to sexual reproductive health services

MCH remains a priority for the Rwandan government, and there is increasing evidence globally that the key to improving maternal and child health lies at the community, primary health care level. In addition to this, maternal and child health services should be part of the essential primary health care package. 

With this in mind, Health Builders and partners regularly take part in MCH community activities, such as Maternal and Child Week, held most recently in October 2019, to raise awareness. Developing projects that focus on reducing maternal mortality and childhood illness, promoting mother and child health, and training healthcare workers for better management of such issues at the primary health center level is also a priority.