Join us on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 5:30pm EST for a Very Special Virtual Event!

Rwanda’s journey from genocide to COVID, lessons learned and moving forward with strength and resiliency


Join Health Builders for a one-of-a-kind virtual event where we’ll explore the unique history of Rwanda, and how it helps the country build a stronger future. Hear first-hand about the impact of these events from local leaders and humanitarians who experienced them personally.

We are honored to host Carl Wilkens, the only American who remained in Kigali, Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. His unique perspective will provide historical reference as well as stories of the phenomenal rebuilding of the country and healing that has taken place since.

Building on Carl's story, local leaders of the Health Builders team will share their own stories of the continued impact of the genocide on Rwanda today. They’ll cover how it shaped their ability to deliver highly-impactful healthcare, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, and their hopes for the future of their country.

The conversation will be moderated by Susan Ormiston, award-winning Senior Correspondent for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The event is completely free to attend, but we would greatly appreciate any support— whether a donation or sharing the event with your networks. For more information about this event, please contact us at