In Partnership With The Pfizer Foundation, Health Builders Trains Nurses in Rulindo District

Health Builders is committed to supporting the Government of Rwanda in its efforts to end preventable deaths of children under 5 years old by 2030. In partnership with the Pfizer Foundation, Health Builders has supported all the health centers in Rulindo District, training 42 nurses who oversee the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI) services. Committed to improving the quality of child health care, these nurses have successfully acquired knowledge for the safe and effective treatment of children under 5 according to the national protocols.

Jacqueline Uwamahoro, a mother in Rulindo District, shares that she has seen a tremendous improvement in the treatment of preventable diseases in children at the Tare Health Center, which Health Builders supports. She tells us, “Before, we used to wait a long time for consultation because adults and children were treated in the same room. We could sit for a whole day waiting to meet the nurse and sometimes adults were prioritized before kids. Now it is no longer the same, there is a consultation room for children under 5 and a special nurse for them. When a child has a big fever and there is a waiting line, the nurse provides some medicine to calm the fever as they wait. This has made us parents very happy because we know that the health center gives priority to our children and they are growing healthy. We are very grateful for the Tare Health Center.”