Health Builders is on the frontlines to ensure that people in rural Rwanda have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Health centers supported by Health Builders continue to offer COVID-19 vaccines to their communities.

As part of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Team in the three districts we are supporting (Rwamagana, Rulindo and Nyabihu), Health Builders staff are helping in data entry and data quality audit, logistical support (i.e.transporting the vaccines to the vaccination sites),  and support in coordination and supervision of the vaccination activities in collaboration with the local government.

Below is the current situation of COVID -19 in the three districts:

Rwamagana: 119,685 have received their first dose, with 73,424 are fully vaccinated

Rulindo: 69,635 have received their first dose, 45,703 are fully vaccinated

Nyabihu: 91,761 have received their first dose, 24,423 are fully vaccinated

31.3% of the total population has received the first dose while16.2% has been fully vaccinated (second dose or unique dose).

Rwanda is committed to reaching as many people as possible.  After vaccinating priority groups, including healthcare workers, the elderly population, people with comorbidities and disabilities and other key groups, the eligibility has been extended to everyone aged at least 18. All the vaccine doses received are immediately dispatched to referral hospitals, district hospitals and all the health centers by road, air and water to allow vaccination roll-out country wide.

The target is to vaccinate at least 30% of the total population by the end of this year and 60% in 2022.

Recently, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(Africa CDC) has designated the Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) to serve as part of a network of Centres of Excellence for COVID-19 vaccination.

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