Ensuring that Maternal and Child Health Campaigns Continue, Despite COVID Restrictions

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Health Builders' team helps organize a campaign to inform and educate about Maternal and Child Health.

Health Builders contributed to the success of the impactful Maternal and Child Health (MCH) week campaign conducted in Rwamagana District, East Rwanda. The campaign was organized in a safe and unique way due to the necessary restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. During the campaign, key preventive health services were delivered to children including deworming, vitamin A supplementation, provision of micronutrients and screening for malnutrition. In villages, the services were provided door to door by Community Health Workers (CHWs) with the support of village leaders. In schools, services were provided in class by CHWs under the coordination of teachers and school director.

Health Builders actively participated by organizing and providing logistical support to facilitate the CHW’s access to all households and schools. It was a complex task but Health Builders, together with the health centers, Rwamagana Provincial Hospital, district authorities and other partners, worked to ensure the success of the campaign, with all 474 villages in Rwamagana being visited.