Data Assessments Show Health Builders' Impact

Health Builders' efforts to assist in the strengthening of the health system are in line with the Ministry of Health's five risk areas for accrediting health centers.

Risk areas include leadership process and accountability, competent and capable work force, improvement of quality and safety, safe environment for staff and patients, and clinical care of patients. Health Builders performs yearly health center assessments to track the success of the supported primary health care facilities. This assessment allows Health Builders to identify gaps and plan corrective measures with the health center staff and local governments.

Since 2016, five assessments have been carried out although, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the assessment was not conducted in 2020. During the assessment, Health Builders uses different evaluation techniques including reviewing clinical and management records, direct observation, and interviews with employees and clients.

During the last two years, health facilities staff have been very busy with emergency COVID-19 prevention campaigns and vaccination activities while dealing with travel restrictions. Despite many obstacles faced by health centers during the pandemic, the overall performance shows that mentorship activities conducted remotely by the Health Builders team has helped to sustain achievement made in 2019, and there was even a performance increase of 2%.

"The mentorship and support from Health Builders staff taught me a great deal of what I know today.I am confident in my skills because I am being supported by experts from Health Builders."

Chantal Umubyeyi, Accountant
Rwamagana Health Center