Breaking Ground for the new Ubugingo Health Post

Health Builders is excited to announce that construction is underway for a series of holistic new Health Posts, the first entry point into the health care system of Rwanda, in partnership with Rulindo District, Pace Family Foundation, T&J Meyer Family Foundation and Gould Family Foundation.

The Ubugingo Health Posts (meaning “well-being” in Kinyarwanda), were designed by our longstanding partner, architect ASA Studio, as innovative and modular health post prototypes in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate different community needs.

Rural districts need accessible health care services as they face serious health issues including infectious diseases like COVID-19, high rates of maternal and child mortality, malnutrition, hypertension, diabetes and asthma. In addition to building and equipping these new health posts, Health Builders will provide training and mentorship to staff in management and clinical skills for one year, ensuring a well-run facility with the capacity to achieve better health outcomes.

Meet construction worker Musabyemariya Angelique.

"I am 20 years old and I live in Ngoma Sector in Rulindo District. We are very happy to have access to this health post because health care services will be nearby; usually we walk a distance of two hours to go to Kanyinya Health Center for treatment. Additionally this health post will be especially helpful to mothers who sometimes deliver their babies from home or on the way to the health center because it is too far and it is very difficult to find any kind of transport."

ASA and Health Builders are committed to employing a workforce of at least 50% women. "Working on this construction site I have gained skills in building using metals, I think that this will not only help me here but also in my future wherever I might go. The first thing I will tell to my fellow girls is that they have to work with passion and courage in whatever they do. In the future, I would like to get support in upgrading my knowledge and skills."

We also spoke with Twahirwa Jean Nepomuscene, village leader of Nkanga, Gako cell, Rusiga sector in Rulindo District where Health Builders is building a large health post. "Construction of this health post has been a very good opportunity for young people in this locality because they are now generating income and they can save for their other future projects. We thank all the collaborators who are taking part in this construction of the health post.”