Another Success Story at the Marembo Health Center

Led by Ancilla Uwamahoro, the Marembo Health Center eliminates debt thanks to Health Builders interventions.
Marembo Health Center director, Ancilla Uwamahoro

The Marembo Health Center is situated in the town of Cyungo, in Rwanda’s north.It serves a population of almost 15,000 people with close to 60 appointments per day. But in 2018, the health center was struggling financially and had accumulated a debt of almost $20,000. Health Builders intervened and helped the health center identify the issues that had caused the debt, which included pharmacy mismanagement, billing issues and poor customer care, which was leading to fewer patients.

We helped the health center take a number of steps, including working with staff to improve quality of care, providing the accountant with training on howto follow up on bills and coaching staff on how to check supplies of drugs and monitor their use.

As of earlier this year, the health center managed to pay off the entire debt.

“We were failing to deliver health care services as we should to our clients because we did not have enough money in our accounts," said Uwamahoro."With the support from Health Builders, we put on measures to reorganize the management of medications, started to bill properly the community based health insurance, and to carry out inventory to evaluate the use of medications."