A Story from the Field

A young mother in rural Rwanda recently shared with us her experience receiving care during her last pregnancy at Rurembo Health Center.

Because of the ultrasound she received at the center, Angelique discovered she was carrying twins! This knowledge helped ensure that she avoided the many complications that could have occurred because of an improper birth plan.

Angelique had never had an ultrasound scan during her previous pregnancies because, at the time, the neared health centers didn’t have one. To walk to the hospital for a scan, Angelique would have had to travel almost four hours by foot.

"After the nurse detected that I was having twin pregnancy, she helped me plan for delivery. She informed me that I will have to go to the hospital as soon as I feel the contraction. I went home and with my husband and we made a proper birth plan according to the instruction given by the nurse of the health center. By the time I felt the contraction, I went directly to the doctor and was prepared for caesarian delivery to save me as well as my babies